Basic Intro

It's a six-page comic plus a title page, but I'll be taking care of page #1 and #6, they're just going to be framing devices. The storyline is 'Peony tools around and gets into trouble'. The framing gives it some meaningful context, but yeah whatever.

Page Layouts

Title Page


I will of course be adding the text in, the artwork needs to take into account the final layout including text, so images aren't cut off.

If it's not clear from the picture, it's a very simple piece of art for the title page. The page is cut up into several separate cells of varying shape, with wide gutters. Each cell has a different Peony form. The forms break out of the cells and overlap the gutter wherever it would look good, eg. Peony-mouse at the front has her head breaking the right side of the cell.

All in all, it is of similar construction to this image

Page 2


Peony is wearing a large floppy beret and has a smear of paint on her left cheek. She is also carrying a satchel on a shoulder-strap, there is a palette attached, covered in paint. She's carrying a brush, she is left-handed so it will always be carried in that hand.

She's hanging from a rope, but is not tied on so her pose should reflect that she's hanging onto it, mainly with her feet, but her tail should be raised above her head and twisted around the rope to help hold her weight.

Cell 1: Peony's face, close-up, look of concentration. Peony: Hmmm!
Cell 2: Peony's face, slightly zoomed-out from cell 1, looking pleased with herself. Peony: Done!
Cell 3: Long-shot. Peony is suspended from a rope along the outside wall of a Ceraph temple. Building is large, imposing, but with a large flat surface for Peony to paint on. Becausssse Peony has painted a picture of the Wind God farting captioned with 'God of Wind'.
Cell 4: Peony, mid-shot, throwing a kiss like a chef who's just completed a great dish. Sfx: Mwah! Peony: C'est magnifique!
Cell 5: Peony in foreground, looking shocked. Down-shot to a Ceraph priest and priestess in the background, who are on the ground, looking angry. Priest: Hey, you!!
Cell 6: Mid-shot of the priest and priestess, very angry. Priest: What in Ceraph's divine name do you think you are doing?!
Cell 7: Peony, close-up, slightly worried. Peony: Um... something official-sounding.

Page 3


Peony casts an illusion on this page, turning her into her dog form. So, after she's illusioned you can just stop drawing her beret, the paint on her cheek, and her assorted painting gear. Also note: When people are casting spells in this continuum, their pupils and the whites of their eyes disappear, and their eyes just glow the colour of their irises.

Cell 1: Shot of Peony rummaging through her bag, worried. Viewed from below with exaggerated foreshortening. Peony: Frig! I hope I packed my feathers...
Cell 2: Cut-off startled Peony in foreground, downshot to angry priest and priestess. Priest is preparing a spell. Priest: Trickster!
Cell 3: Close-up worried Peony. Her (left) hand is in shot, full of feathers. Peony: Aw Fels.
Cell 4: Priest casting a ball of lighting at Peony, who dodges, swinging on the rope. Spell should have an obvious trail from priest to Peony, but the bulk of the spell is at the end. Priest: *spell incantation*
Cell 5: Peony springing off the wall and casting a confusion spell at the priest and priestess. It's similarto the lighting spell, but withh fluffy edges, reminiscent of feathers. Peony: *spell incantation*
Cell 6: Fluffy clouds of Peony's spell are fading out, body-shot of the priest and priestess looking confused, with dog-form Peony standing next to them.
Cell 7: Priestess turns to priest, both confused. Peony points out-of-frame energetically. Priestess: What... what were we...? Peony: Hunting a trickster! She went that way!
Cell 8: Priest and priestess running off. Priest: Thanks!
Cell 9: Close-up, happy Peony. Peony: Heh.

Page 4


It should be implied that Peony has walked a short distance between the last cell of last page and the first cell of this one. She won't be terribly far, probably just around the corner from the temple she defaced. I'm thinking narrow alleyways, no plantlife.

Cell 1: Peony walking, pleased. Disguised Leroy approaches her. Peony: Wow, sometimes I amaze even myself. Leroy: Hello, trickster.
Cell 2: Peony, shocked, startles and looks at a smug Leroy. Peony: Gwuh? How did you-?
Cell 3: Close-up of smug Leroy. Leroy: Elementary, my dear lady.
Cell 4: Embarrassed Peony and more smug Leroy. Leroy: That voice sounds ridiculous coming out of such a large man.
Cell 5: Extreme close-up of Leroy pulling a leaf that was previously invisible off the top of his forehead. His illusion starts to fade. Leroy: Plus...
Cell 6: Leroy leaning on Peony, has the leaf in his hand and is showing it off. Peony is happy. Leroy: I may have recognised your markings, cousin.
Cell 7: Close-up of cheery Peony. Peony: Leroy Stone! You tricky sneak!
Cell 8: Over Peony's shoulder with Leroy in the background, his arms crossed. Leroy: Peony Talisman, unsubtle as always.
Cell 9: Peony doing a ridiculous sexy pose. Leroy looking unimpressed. Peony: You don't like my illusion?? Leroy: Nup.

Page 5


Pretty much just a bunch of different illusions then getting jumped by the priest again. If you're having trouble working with this layout you can adjust the cells as you need to. Each of the cells with Peony under a new illusion should have puffy cloud-like things around the edges as the remnants of the casting.

Cell 1: Close-up, Peony holding a bunch of leaves. Peony: Well! There's plenty more where that came from!
Cell 2: Peony-Qirin. Peony: How's this? Leroy (off-cell): No.
Cell 3: Peony-Heron. Peony: Or this? Leroy (off-cell): No.
Cell 4: Peony-Lion. Peony: Like this? Leroy (off-cell): No.
Cell 5: Worried Peony and Leroy. Priest in background. Priest: Hey! You! Tricksters!!
Cell 6: Peony and Leroy getting hit by the priest's lighting spell. Peony: Gyah! Priest: *spell incantation*
Cell 7: Leroy and Peony lying on the ground. Both distinctly scuffed up, and hair frizzy from the lightning. Leroy: Peony this is all your fault and I hate you. Peony: Thanks, cuz.

Character References


Peony's the main focus of this volume, she's a trickster who casts illusions on herself to change her appearance fairly regularly. So, there's a few different refs. Her 'base form' is a female mouse anthro

Mouse form (f). Short and reasonably slight build.
Dog form (m). Tall with huge shoulders, skinny.
Qirin form (f). Curves but average build, long skinny qirin legs with hooves.
Heron form (m). Tall and lanky.
Lion form (m). Broad-shouldered, average height. Tubby, with muscular arms.

Peony has the same markings in every form (or close enough to, I've been known to mess them up), and the Dog form link above has the most in-depth reference of her markings. She's a huge prankster, never takes things seriously. So she has a massive smile on her face unless there's a really good reason for her not to, like if she's dodging attacks. Since she usually has such a big grin, the nuances in her expression are usually shown through her ears and eyebrows. She's also buck-toothed, the obvious exception being in her heron form. Since she has such a big overbite, her teeth should always be showing.

God of Wind

Ceraph, the God of Wind, is only going to be appearing in cariacature form, so obviously accuracy is not a main focus here. But I've got a normal reference of him to work from.

Ceraph ref

Leroy Stone

Leroy's a trickster too, so he appears in two forms in this volume. He's not as skilled at illusions as Peony though, so both have the same build. Without the illusion, he's wearing Ottoman-era Turkish robes, so the fabric is gathered up under his belt at the front.

Base form
Disguised form

Ceraph Priest and Priestess

These two are entirely minor characters, they don't even have names, so whatever if the details aren't perfect, as long as they are consistent.

Priest. His arm tattoo is on one side only.

Building references

The city this is set in is built in a rather contrived neoclassical style. So you're looking at a mismatch of classical architecture, but rather grandiose. Lots of arches, a mix of domed roofs and gable roofs, and walls either rendered or made from very large stone blocks. Columns are also acceptable.

It is a large city, but the part of town this comic is set in is not very busy at the time of day this is set. The main roads are paved, alleyways are cobblestone. What little greenery there is must be very neat and well-maintained; gardens are heavily landscaped, grass is cut short.

Reference images


If you require more references of the setting then LET. ME. KNOW.

If any part of this is unclear, don't make assumptions, ask for clarification.