Merlin, what's the deal with your avatar?

First off, it would be remiss of me not to say that I was inspired to have a rotating avatar and a little explanatory site with all the images by dear ol' llearch. And so-


My first avatar of this particularly lovely style was taken from this guest comic I drew way back in the day for DMFA:

you're welcome

Then one day I thought "Heyyy it would be funny to replace Abel and Dan with Daryil and Jakob". AND IT WAS. Sorry, Tape!

So I've only got a few at the moment, but I'll draw more if I can think of any. Suggestions and challenges are welcome! But without further ado, the list!


  -   The first, and original. Of course it's Dan and Abel from DMFA by Amber

  -   The best idea ever. Daryil and Jakob from Project Future by Tapewolf

  -   A slight twist on the theme. Peony and also Peony in different illusory disguises from Random Encounter by me

  -   Is it a bad time to mention that Jake wears clothes he stole from Ceraph? Jake and Ceraph are the God of Lies and the God of Wind from my comics (by me, obvi)

  -   *laughs maniacally* (with Shax and a blue volcano mythos from Amber's DMFA)

  -   *continues laughing* (with Kesserk from Amber's DMFA aaaand ChaosMageX)

  -   apropos of this comic. I tried to pull off King of Hearts's wonderful style with added soft-focus but failed due to lack of skill. Still! Good times!

  -   prompted by Tapewolf, Jakob (again) and his actual boyfriend, Daxxon. My god, an actual couple? And yet the text must still remain!

  -   Tapewolf's Daryil and CubiKitsune's Ben Buran-Daryil. Because every man is gay for Daryil.

  -   Meanwhile, in bizarro world...Fenfen and of course Daryil from Project Future

  -   Gonna have to call this canon. My 'cubi fancharacter Sierra and his husband Jason.

  -   I WAS DRIVEN TO IT, I TELLS YA. Daryil from Project Future and Bengahl from The Foxfire Chronicles.

  -   Destania and Riva from DMFA. Because... I dunno, I BLAME EVERYONE OTHER THAN ME.

  -   I asked for suggestions on twitter, and Turnsky suggested Mink. Tape pointed out that people tend to be "whatever" for Mink, what with him having no stated gender. So! Turnsky's dragonsona and Mink from DMFA!

  -   ChaosMageX goaded me into this one. I HAD TO DO IT, I TELL YOU. Merlitz and Nitemyste from DMFA.

  -   I stole this from Puyon because I love it so much aaaaaaa. Paige and Phoenix (Claw)

  -   The shirtless head of the twinks waiting in the office of Zinvth's most eligible batchelor?? I SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. Biggs and Jyrras of course from DMFA!

  -   Puyon drew this for me and it's SO DANG AMAZING I LOVE IT. Puyon's Nova and my Mortimer, it's definitely twu wuv